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Vacant Positions as of June 5, 2017
Full Time Positions

*Health Care Coordinator Assistant---40/40-------Kevin Kirlin
*Vocational Program Specialist--------40/40-------Ginnie Haggerty

Second Shift Full Time Resident Advisors
*Combined 75 BNC/Pear St. ------36/40-------Debbie A/Christine B
*79 Butternut Ct. -------------------30/40-------Heather Colon
*79 Butternut Ct. -------------------30/40-------Heather Colon
*79 Butternut Ct. -------------------40/30-------Heather Colon
*Byram St. --------------------------31.5/30-----James Rhodes
*Chapel Hill Rd. --------------------32/32-------Debbie Anstine
*Chapel Hill Rd. --------------------32/32-------Debbie Anstine
*Old Fritztown Rd. -----------------34/32-------Christine Brendle
*Reading Blvd. ---------------------34/33-------Christine Brendle
*Reiff Pl. -----------------------------36/32-------Debbie Anstine
*Reiff Pl. -----------------------------32/36-------Debbie Anstine
*Sherwood Rd. ----------------------36/32-------James Rhodes
*Sherwood Rd. ----------------------32/34-------James Rhodes
*Springcrest Blvd. ------------------32/34-------Heather Colon
*South Sterley St. ------------------32/32-------James Rhodes
*Waverly St. -------------------------34/32-------Christine Brendle
*Weidman Ave. ---------------------35/36-------Debbie Anstine

Awake Night Full Time Resident Advisors
*79 Butternut Ct. -------------------39/35-------Heather Colon
*Waverly St. -------------------------34/32-------Christine Brendle
*Waverly St. -------------------------32/34-------Christine Brendle

Part Time Resident Advisors
*Carsonia Ave. ----------------------27/22-------James Rhodes

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